Waging Forever Peace

Take the horrors of the Vietnam War, combine them with an advanced state of virtual reality where human soldiers control their soldier boys — or mechanical soldiers — remotely, and throw in a new hi-tech weapon that threatens to end life as we know it, and you have Joe Haldeman’s latest novel, Forever Peace. As … Read more

Look to Pern’s Past With Dragonseye

The end story of the dragonriders of Pern, who guide their magnificent beasts into battle against the menacing, life-devouring Thread, has been told. The saga that began with the first novel, Dragonflight, ended in epic fashion in All the Weyrs of Pern. But while we may know how the story ends, we’re just learning how … Read more

A Brutal Future Awaits the Survivors of Ender’s Game

In the last bugger war, humanity was nearly wiped out by their insectoid enemies. They were stopped by humanity’s greatest military mind. Decades later, that mind is dead and the leaders of the Earth need to find someone to match his prowess.To that end they have built a massive space station called the ‘Battle School.’ … Read more