Nuke(m)Con 2016

Plastic miniatures of the frog-like monsters known as slaadi stand on a battlemap. In the background can be seen several figures representing player characters.

Nuke(m)Con. It’s my gaming group’s homegrown convention which was first held in 2004 as an alternative to going to GenCon. It’s schedule was never formally defined, but for a while we had an every-other-year schedule going with conventions in 2006, 2008, and 2012. Then came the convention drought. It wasn’t for a lack of trying … Read more

Game Day: Out of Darkness

Two adventurers battle a giant spider in an underground cave.

Second Darkness is ending. Our first-ever Pathfinder adventure path campaign, began in September 2011 and is concluding about two years later. We played Pathfinder every two weeks, the exception of the occasional schedule cratering by holidays and summer vacations. We worked our way through the entirety of the first three books in the series, but … Read more

Game Day: Wandering off the Adventure Path

A massive underground city -- its towers illuminated purple -- fills a blue-green cavern.

My Second Darkness Pathfinder campaign is rapidly approaching its climax. The heroes recently started Book 4: Eternal Night but, as is often the case with my group, they quickly went off the proscribed path. Far off the proscribed path.

It illustrates one of the big lessons I learned while running an adventure path.

Religion in Golarion

My group’s been playing Second Darkness for over a year now, and if there’s one weakness we’ve found in the Golarion campaign setting, it’s religion.

The setting is geopolitically diverse, with the same sort of kitchen-sink-of-cultures approach that made Greyhawk our go-to setting for so long. But what it lacks are gods.

Game Day: Enter the Drow

Heroes confront dark elves in a lost elven city.

After 18 months of playing Second Darkness our heroes are finally ready to take the fight to the drow. They’ve skirmished with the dark elves before, but avoided the major battle at the end of Book 2 when they inadvertantly stumbled into the drow lair and had to retreat. The drow then escaped under the cover of night while sending a shadow demon to kill them.

Game Day: A Nice Day for a Black Wedding

In the real world, our gaming group’s seen numerous weddings (and will see yet another this fall), but in the game world our heroes never got hitched. Until tonight. Over the last year of our Second Darkness campaign one of the characters, Skender, has been seeing a priestess of Calistria named Carlila Zalteri at the … Read more

Game Day: Second Darkness

A bustling seaport whose distinguishing feature is a large archway covering the entrance to the harbor.

I did something I’ve never done before in September: I kicked off someone else’s campaign. Ok, technically it’s still my campaign, but material belongs to Pazio. The campaign is the Second Darkness adventure path, and if all goes according to plan, it will see our seven freshly-minted heroes face the ancient hidden evil of the … Read more