Game Day: Fast, The Furious, and the Awesomely Generic with GURPS

A hand-written character sheet lays atop two GURPS rulebooks

Since Fall 2019, the Gamer Working Group (my lunch time gaming group) has been running a new action movie-style campaign. Inspired by the Fast and the Furious franchise, the campaign is about a group of freelance agents undertaking questionable jobs for fun and profit. We started with the climatic scene of our last mission: blowing a … Read more

RPG a Day 2019 – Space

Several RPG books stacked on one of another.

Space. The Final Frontier. These are the science fiction RPGs that I’d love to play, if only I could find the time, crew, and mental bandwidth to play them: Eclipse Phase, 2nd Edition – A new, allegedly easier to play, iteration of the post-human science fiction/horror role-playing game. Paranoia – The satirical (and usually fatal) role-playing game … Read more

RPG a Day 2019 – Share

A collection of hexes, each with a word prompt for RPG a Day

Once upon a time, I loved engaging with social media. Back when Web 2.0 was new and new social media services seemed to spawn weekly, my friends and I would jump from service to service, looking for one that fit our needs. Over time, things settled into a predictable pattern – Twitter for engaging with … Read more

RPG a Day 2019 – Engage

A picture of the Star Trek core rule book.

I’ve never played a Star Trek role-playing game, but I’m hoping to change that with Modiphius Entertainment’s Star Trek Adventures (Amazon). The core rule book is a hefty but engaging tome. It’s packed full of the lore of Star Trek and it’s far too easy to get lost in it as you read. One of my goals for the summer … Read more

RPG A Day 2022 – What should RPGaDay do for its 10th Anniversary next year?

A collection of RPG books on a bookshelf.

First off, stick with what works (or at least, what works for me). As I wrote in “When did you first take part in RPGaDay?”, I enjoyed RPGaDay the most when it used question-based prompts, rather than one-word topics. Beyond that … I don’t know. Maybe a video channel on Youtube that pulls together people’s different … Read more

RPG A Day 2022 – When did you first take part in RPGaDay?

The complete list of topics for RPG-a-Day 2017.

2017. Unlike this year, I did it in a single-page format with shorter answers. In 2018, I did it again as individual posts. From an ease-of-updating perspective (and staying current) having a single page was easier, but individual posts gives me space to ruminate. In theory, it also provides more posts on more varied topics for … Read more

RPG A Day 2022 – How has the character changed?

A hand-written character sheet in a notebook rests upon a printed character sheet.

Three characters, three campaigns, three potentialities. Zor Nabat (Star Wars: The Republic): The campaign is still very new, so Zor hasn’t had a chance to change. He has received his first opportunity – thanks to the planetary ocean exploitation operations of Czerka Corporation- to strike a blow against a hated enemy. Kne Godfinder (D&D 5th … Read more