Sins of Our Fathers

A moon floats in space between two large planetary bodies in artwork taken from the cover of The Sins of Our Fathers

The Expanse novels and novellas were part of my summer reading list for years. The nine book series initially takes place our own star system, with a focus on the stellar political situation. Earth rules the star system, but martial-oriented (and slowly terraforming) Mars is a powerful countervaling force that seeks to usurp Earth’s position. … Read more

RPG a Day 2023 – Game You’d Like a New Edition Of … Star Frontiers

An octopus-like alien riding a bipedal dinosaur.

The game I’d love to see a new edition of is Star Frontiers … but as they say, be careful what you wish for. Star Frontiers was the second role-playing game I ever owned. It was a space opera RPG set in a “frontier” region of space with a mix of settled and unexplored star systems. There … Read more

Mothership RPG Adventures

Mothership Role-Playing Game Logo

Mothership is a rules-lite, science fiction horror RPG inspired by the likes of Alien and similar creature features.  I backed the 2021 kickstarter, and while I wait for the boxed set to arrive, I searched for introductory Mothership RPG adventures to run with my friends (or at my local convention, MEPACon). Thanks to the Mothership RPG Discord, I … Read more

Brainstorming Nuketown’s Summer 2020 Reading List

It’s April and we’re under “stay at home” orders in Pennsylvania. Work from home – and remote learning – are the order of the day for my family. Summer seems a hell of a long way off, and even when it arrives, it’s anyone’s guess what it will look like. That said, one thing is … Read more

The Ghost Walk Star Cluster

The Ghost Walk Star Cluster is located at the edge of the galaxy and is known for its spectacular views of dying stars, it’s just-ignited protostar nebula, and the gossamer strands of illuminated gas that inspired its name. Approximately fifty light-years across, the Ghost Walk Cluster is composed of approximately 20 stars, most of which … Read more