Mothership RPG Adventures

Mothership is a rules-lite, science fiction horror RPG inspired by the likes of Alien and similar creature features.  I backed the 2021 kickstarter, and while I wait for the boxed set to arrive, I searched for introductory Mothership RPG adventures to run with my friends (or at my local convention, MEPACon).

Thanks to the Mothership RPG Discord, I found a bunch of them. Have one to add to the list? Email me at or leave a comment.

Mothership RPG Adventures List

  • Ypsilon 14 – Designed as a one-shot to drop into any campaign, this adventure is a two-page, trifold pamphlet-style adventure by Tuesday Knight Games.
  • Fold in Space – Another pamphlet-style adventure, this one focusing on answering a distress call by a private travel ship after its jump drive blew. Created by Necrocorvo.
  • Dead in the Water – Investigate an abandoned freighter in the middle of nowhere in this one-shot adventure by Exalted Funeral.
  • Year of the Rat – A pamphlet adventure in which players must recover a black box from a casino ship that just reappeared in the void. Written by Owen O’Donnell.
  • Chromatic Transference – The researchers at Ukweli-4 research facility were studying a strange meteorite; they’re now dead. A pamphlet adventure by Tuesday Knight Games.
  • The Black Dog – A black dog haunts the Morozov, appearing before each new disaster that befalls the ship. The heroes need to figure out what’s happening before it’s too late. An adventure by Octopus Ink Games.
  • The Ship That Swallowed A Spyder – A pamphlet module in which players must rescue hostages from a ship taken over by a terrorist. By Molgannard Press.
  • Crush Depth – Players are either “ruthless bounty hunters, desperate prisoners, or prison guards” trying to escape the collapse of a prison on Titan. By pamphlet adventure by McFin.
  • “Screaming on the Alexis” (in Dead Planet) – Dead Planet is Tuesday Night Game’s planet-crawl-style adventure. “Screaming on the Alexis” is one of the locations within that crawl, and could serve as a one-shot.

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The Mothership logo. Credit: Tuesday Night Games.

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