Venture into the Lair of Secrets podcast

My friend David Moore (formerly of The Gamemaster’s Show and After Serenity) and I recently launched the Lair of Secrets podcast. It’s a podcast about gaming and being a geek by two forty-something geek dads. So far we have seven episodes out, with new ones being released on a regular basis (approximately weekly, give or take a week). S1E1 … Read more

Reseting the Podcast Playlist

Podcasts help soothe the locked-down soul. What do I mean by that? Well, something that’s driving me buggy about the COVID-19 lockdown is the remote nature of almost every conversation we have. Aside from talking with my wife and kids, and the occasional across-the-street or through the fence conversation with neighbors, every conversation I have … Read more

Podcast Playlist: December 2017

Art representing Gnomecast, Misdirected Mark, Dungeon Master's Block, and Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff

With Nuketown’s re-launch and the return of Radio Active, I’ve been spending time listening to podcasts as a way of getting caught up on the state of the geek community as well as current topics in gaming. As I mentioned previously, my sweet spot for podcasts these days is 15-25 minutes. That corresponds with the length of my commute, … Read more

Fitness Playlist: Strike Force Orion

An armored soldier stands against a red and orange background.

Music powers my running workouts. I’ll listen to podcasts or audio books when rowing or using the elliptical at the gym, but when it comes to running it’s all about the music. I’ve constructed several playlists over the last two years to complement my runs. The first one is Starforce Orion, a militant Halo-inspired creation … Read more

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Soundtrack

Captain America, in a dark blue uniform, is in the center of the photo while Nick Fury appears to the left and Black Widow to the right.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier tops two of my personal lists: best Marvel movie and best Marvel soundtrack. The movie works because it’s a tight, expertly crafted super-spy movie with a ton of heart and great action. The soundtrack works because it’s constantly carrying the listener forward while perfectly reinforcing the movie’s signature scenes. Since the movie came out it’s … Read more

Podcast Playlist: February 2017

Welcome to the Podcast Playlist, where I rundown the podcasts I’ve been listening to recently. I typically listen to game-related podcasts — particularly role-playing game shows — but I occasionally add a few non-geeky podcasts to the mix. I’m always open to trying new shows, but I’ve found the ones that I like the best are under … Read more