The Trail to Philmont, June 2020

The long, winding trail to Philmont continued in June as I launched into training for a 10K race. I don’t have a particular race in mind, and given the state of the COVID-19 world, it’s likely any race I do will be virtual. That said, this is very much a journey-before-destination sort of thing, so … Read more

Radio Active #93: Reset. Renew. Return.

Like an astronaut hurled far into deep space, Nuketown Radio Active returns to Earth a year after it left to find the planet utterly transformed. Fortunately, there are no super-intelligent apes. At least, not yet. On this episode of Nuketown Radio Active, I reintroduce folks to the podcast, catch up on the state of Nuketown, … Read more

The (Extended) Trail to Philmont, April 2020

April was the countdown to the inevitable. We knew mid-month that Philmont Scout Ranch would update their COVID-19 strategy on May 1 and that announcement could mean the end to our 2020 backpacking trek. Throughout April, NeutronLad and I maintained our Philmont routines and started thinking about how we could kick them into higher gear … Read more

#BrokenAnkleSaga: Two Years Later

A pair of blue running sneakers in front of a number of board and card games.

Two years ago, I broke my right ankle slipping on snow-covered ice. I didn’t just break it though; I had a trimalleolar fracture plus dislocation. In laymen’s terms, I broke my ankle real good. I was in a cast for six weeks and a boot for something like two months. Physical therapy dominated most of 2018. It seems … Read more