Radio Active #85: War of the Pod People

Spring is looming larger, but just incase it gets waylaid by a late-winter storm, I decided to have a spring-themed surprise party for my wife. In geekier news, I started up a “Gamer Working Group” at my dayjob and re-launched my gaming group’s web site. There are no netheads in this show, but don’t worry — you’ll still be able to feed that net addiction with a round up of the podcasts I’m listening to.

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Radio Active #84: Not Dead Yet

Good news everyone! Nuketown Radio Active isn’t dead … and neither is Futurama.

On this episode of Radio Active I catch up on a year’s worth of happenings, talk about my new Picture a Day project, and take a look at some of the computer games that I’ve been playing during the hiatus.

In Netheads I uncover the Race for the Galaxy AI card game and Mutant Future, a science fiction RPG inspired by Gamma World.

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