Reseting the Podcast Playlist

Podcasts help soothe the locked-down soul. What do I mean by that? Well, something that’s driving me buggy about the COVID-19 lockdown is the remote nature of almost every conversation we have. Aside from talking with my wife and kids, and the occasional across-the-street or through the fence conversation with neighbors, every conversation I have … Read more

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Soundtrack

Captain America, in a dark blue uniform, is in the center of the photo while Nick Fury appears to the left and Black Widow to the right.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier tops two of my personal lists: best Marvel movie and best Marvel soundtrack. The movie works because it’s a tight, expertly crafted super-spy movie with a ton of heart and great action. The soundtrack works because it’s constantly carrying the listener forward while perfectly reinforcing the movie’s signature scenes. Since the movie came out it’s … Read more

Halo 2 Soundtrack, Vol. 2 Delivers the True Halo Experience

Master Chief holds two submachine guns as the world explodes in a orange-yellow haze around him.

When Halo 2 was released, it was accompanied by a soundtrack. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the soundtrack fans had been hoping for: instead of one featuring the music from the game, it instead pulled the old “music from and inspired by the game” trick. While a few game tracks could be found on it, including “Halo … Read more

Storming to Victory with the 300 Soundtrack

Maybe it’s having just listened to hours upon hours of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, but I truly enjoyed the 300 soundtrack’s martial mix of choral singing, Mediterranean/Middle Eastern-inspired music and a touch of hard rock explosiveness. The album has 25 tracks, from the opening “To Victory” to the final “Remember Us” and clocks … Read more