• Fire Emblem Engage

    Fire Emblem Engage

    Fire Emblem Engage is a straightforward entry in the long-running strategy skirmish series. It leans heavily into nostalgia for earlier releases, and eschews the branching storylines of recent entries (Three Houses for Switch and Birthright for the 3DS) in favor of a linear story. As with its predecessors, Engage puts you in control of a … Read more

  • Alien: The Cold Forge

    Alien: The Cold Forge

    The Cold Forge is a deep space research facility focused on deadly corporate research. Set in the Alien universe, the black site is funded by long-time corporate villains Weyland-Yutani. Along with ethically questionable bioweapons and a destructive AI, the Cold Forge is home to a cache of xenomorph eggs from … somewhere. Lead researcher Blue Marsalis is … Read more

  • One Focused Summer

    Every few summers, things get so busy that I need a list to remind myself how focus on the things that help me relax. This is that list. Is it a big list? Yes. Will I finish everything on it? No. But it gives me something to shoot for … and something to focus on. … Read more

Eclipse 2024

Burlington, VT was one of the best places to see 2024’s eclipse, and I was there, watching the sky turn dark with my daughter and son. Read the post.

Summer Reading 2024

Nuketown’s 17th Annual Science Fiction and Fantasy Summer Reading List is underway!

Project: Ready Player One Replay

The Ready Player One Replay is an ongoing exploration of the games that inspired the novel Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Love it or hate it, there’s value in revisiting our geeky roots.

Column: Game Day

Nuketown’s Game Day columns focus on running and playing in RPG campaigns, from prep to execution to reflection.

Radiation Cloud

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