• Upgrading to the iPad Pro

    Upgrading to the iPad Pro

    For years, my go-to tablet was an iPad Air from the early 2010s. In December 2023, I got a surprise upgrade to the iPad Pro when my wife and mother-in-law bought me one for Christmas. It’s a hell of an upgrade. The old iPad was functional but, well, old. Battery life was getting worse every … Read more

  • Science Fiction & Fantasy Summer Reading List 2024

    Science Fiction & Fantasy Summer Reading List 2024

    The 17th edition of Nuketown’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy Summer Reading List features 18 books (15 novels, three non-fiction books), three novellas, and five graphic novels. The Summer of 2024 will be a fun one. My wife and I are going to Iceland with our extended family for a week and we’ll be spending a week … Read more

  • Summer’s End 2023

    Summer’s End 2023

    Usually I write these Summer Reading List retrospectives at the actual end of summer (rather than days before the start of the next summer) but 2023 was a particularly trying year and motivation was lacking. But now a new summer is upon us … so let’s take a breath and see how last year went. … Read more

Eclipse 2024

Burlington, VT was one of the best places to see 2024’s eclipse, and I was there, watching the sky turn dark with my daughter and son. Read the post.

Project: Ready Player One Replay

Column: Game Day

Radiation Cloud

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