RPG a Day 2023 – Most Memorable Encounter

A cyberpunk truck makes its way through a desert landcape. The text, Chapter 3: The Offer, appears next to it. The image represents Nuketown's most memorable encounter.

Rather than going for “Most Memorable Encounter” of all time, let’s talk about the most memorable encounter of the last year: “The Offer”. Chapter 2 of the Lair of Secret’s Cyberpunk RED actual play campaign saw the edge runners tasked with stealing black box corporate tech for the Maker Enclave. The Makers – whose motto is “We Aggressively Void … Read more

RPG a Day 2023 – Scariest Game You’ve Played

Cover art for Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green: Eyes Only

In college, way back in 1992, a friend of mine ran the scariest session of Call of Cthulhu I’ve ever played in. Heck, the scariest session of any game. My friend – his name is Adam — is the best Call of Cthulhu game master I ever had. With candles burning low, and a mix … Read more

RPG a Day 2023 – Game You’d Like a New Edition Of … Star Frontiers

An octopus-like alien riding a bipedal dinosaur.

The game I’d love to see a new edition of is Star Frontiers … but as they say, be careful what you wish for. Star Frontiers was the second role-playing game I ever owned. It was a space opera RPG set in a “frontier” region of space with a mix of settled and unexplored star systems. There … Read more

RPG a Day 2023 – Favorite Character Sheet

A 1st Edition Dungeons & Dragons character sheet. It features a stylized border, lines to enter stats, and a gold background. It's one of my favorite character sheets.

My favorite character sheets are easily the AD&D Player Character Record Sheets, also known as the “goldenrod” character sheets because they were printed on heavy, goldenrod paper. This is purely a nostalgic pick; some of my first “real” characters for Dungeons & Dragons were written up using these sheets, which came pre-printed in sheets within a folio … Read more

RPG a Day 2023: Unplayed RPG You Enjoy

Cover art for the Star Trek Adventures Game Master Screen

My favorite unplayed RPG that I enjoy (aside from ALIEN) is Modiphius’ Star Trek Adventures. I bought the core rulebook years ago, then invested further when Humble Bundle offered a 25-tome strong bundle of sourcebooks. How could I say no to that? OK, sure, I still hadn’t played it … but consider all the books! Alpha Quadrant and Beta … Read more

RPG a Day 2023 – Complex/Simple RPG You Like To Play

Cover art for the game Fiasco, my favorite simple RPG

I struggled with this prompt because I couldn’t think of a “simple” game I own, and it seems like most of my RPGs are pretty complex. And then I thought of Fiasco. Described as a game about “powerful ambitions and power impulse control”, Fiasco is inspired by all of those movies whose characters start with great ideas and … Read more

RPG a Day – Coolest Looking RPG product/book

A collection of source books for Mork Borg with bright yellows, reflective reds, and stunning blacks.

When it comes to the coolest-looking, most innovative RPG design I’ve seen in the last decade or so, it’s gotta be MÖRK BORG. The books and folios are riots of color, unconventional fonts, unexpected use of metallic inks, and brain-hurting layouts. They basically go against everything they teach you when it comes to conventional print … Read more

RPG a Day 2023 – Favorite Licensed RPG

A collection of Star Wars RPG sourcebooks, my favorite licensed game.

Star Wars: Saga Edition is my favorite licensed RPG. My Shadows of the Force campaign ran for a number of years and took place during the Knights of the Old Republic era. The campaign pitted the heroes against a pirate fleet and a resurgent Sith threat (of course). It was a great time to be … Read more


A collection of role-playing game books on a bookshelf, some of which are featured in RPG a Day 2023 posts. A bunch of badges from game conventions fills the right side.

RPG a Day is an annual event in which bloggers spend a month talking about different aspects of role-playing games. Keep track of what other bloggers are writing for the event on the official Facebook page. You can also check out my RPG a Day postfests from 2017, 2018, and 2022. Day 1 First RPG This Year – Dungeons & … Read more