RPG a Day 2023 – Most Recent RPG Bought

Cover art for the Marvel Multiverse RPG, featuring heroes battling villains.

Thanks to GenCon, the answer to the question “Most Recent RPG Bought?” is a two-way tie between the Marvel Multiverse RPG (which I played at the con as well) and the Captain’s Log Solo RPG for Star Trek Adventures. The Marvel Multiverse RPG captures the feel of superhero play very, very well … and does … Read more

Top of the Pile: Inferno, Dark Ages, Ultimate All-New Spider-man

A cast of Marvel superheroes in costume.

I’m once again caught up on my comic book reading, which means I can actually talk about what’s going on with my beloved X-Men. It also means I have time to delve into Marvel Unlimited looking for some new reads in the form of Dark Ages and Ultimate All-New Spider-man. Inferno Inferno is a four-part X-Men series … Read more

NuketownSF – The One Ring, Abandoned Places, Futurma, Scrappy Starships, Fake Commutes, Summer Reading

A starship against a black sky.

Nuketown’s tweets for the week of February 27, 2022. RPG | Gnome Stew – The One Ring: Roleplaying in the World of the Lord of the Rings Review STREAMING | Deadline Hollywood (retweet) Futurama holdout John DiMaggio has closed a deal to reprise his signature voice role as foul-mouthed robot Bender and an assortment of … Read more

@NuketownSF: More Zinequest 3, X of Swords, Wanda Vision, FATE Condensed

A recap of NuketownSF’s tweets for the week of February 15, 2021. ZINEQUEST | HINTERLAND: PEOPLES AND PERILS – As someone running a hexcrawl, this zine – which focuses on wilderness exploration – is highly appealing. It features 19 random encounters & location prompts, which could be very handy when I’m scrambling to prep my lunchtime … Read more

@NuketownSF: Spider-man Noir, Thrawn, Tenet, X-Men, Zombies!

A recap of NuketownSF’s tweets for the week of January 17, 2021. COMICS & COFFEE | Spider-man Noir (2008) – It’s 1933 and crime bosses rule New York City as the Great Depression rages. A hero emerges from the shadows in the form of Peter Parker, a young man who gained strange powers after being bitten by … Read more

Top of the Pile: X-Men Resurgence

The X-men step through an otherworldly portal.

The X-Men are back. After years of being sidelined in the Marvel comic book universe, the X-Men have returned to their rightful prominence. Heralded by the twin six-issue series House of X and Powers of X, the X-Pantheon is back with a full-line up of comic book titles consisting of X-Men, New Mutants, Excalibur, Marauders, X-Force, and Fallen Angels. Thanks to a … Read more

Blogworthy: 5e Skill Challenges, Marvel Multiverse, Fey Realms of Greyhawk, Nuclear Rockets

A bearded man gestures his hands toward the viewer, casting green arcane energy as he does so.

Skill challenges were one of the few things that everyone in my gaming group liked about Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. Thought it had its issues in its initial iteration, Star Wars: Saga Edition further refined the idea, and we used it to great effect. It’s a subsystem I was sad to see missing from 5th Edition, but … Read more

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Soundtrack

Captain America, in a dark blue uniform, is in the center of the photo while Nick Fury appears to the left and Black Widow to the right.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier tops two of my personal lists: best Marvel movie and best Marvel soundtrack. The movie works because it’s a tight, expertly crafted super-spy movie with a ton of heart and great action. The soundtrack works because it’s constantly carrying the listener forward while perfectly reinforcing the movie’s signature scenes. Since the movie came out it’s … Read more

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2

A black and white photo of the Guardians of the Galaxy standing against a wall.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 is an unapologetic comic book movie that embraces the bright colors, superhero logic, and heart-on-your-sleeve emotions of the best of Marvel’s vintage titles from the 1970s and 80s The first movie felt more like a space opera, with roaring starships and galactic vistas. Guardians’ quirky humor and retro soundtrack … Read more

Top of the Pile: Battleworld!

Myriad superheroes battle in space.

The Marvel comic book multiverse collapsed in upon itself in Summer 2015. As the various worlds ended, a new one was forged by its all-powerful god, Doctor Doom. This new world — Battleworld — drove a summer’s worth of of spin-off stories as Marvel cancelled every one of their regular books and replaced them with … Read more