Zork – Ready Player One Video Game Replay

Developed at MIT between 1977 and 1979, Zork is the quintessential interactive fiction adventure game. Descended from the earlier Colossal Cave Adventure (the game I’m actually much more familiar with), it started players at a simple White House in the woods and invited them to explore an expansive underground empire. I played the M.I.T. release for this … Read more

Sins of Our Fathers

A moon floats in space between two large planetary bodies in artwork taken from the cover of The Sins of Our Fathers

The Expanse novels and novellas were part of my summer reading list for years. The nine book series initially takes place our own star system, with a focus on the stellar political situation. Earth rules the star system, but martial-oriented (and slowly terraforming) Mars is a powerful countervaling force that seeks to usurp Earth’s position. … Read more

Action Park

A flame-skulled skeleton drives a four wheel buggy, one of the attractions at Action Park

Sometimes, nostalgia hurts. That’s rarely been more true than when reading Action Park: Fast Times, Wild Rides, and the Untold Story of America’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park (Amazon) by Andy Mulvihill and Jake Rossen. The book tells the behind-the-scenes story of the Vernon, NJ-based amusement park, which was equal parts famous and notorious for my generation growing … Read more

The Stone Sky

The Stone Sky cover art, featuring the title of the book in front of a stylized stone arch.

The apocalypse is here. Again. In The Broken Earth series by N.K. Jemisin, what we’d consider the end of the world – toxic gases wiping out entire provinces, catastrophic earthquakes that destroy dozens of towns, drowning tidal waves – are just another season (albeit one that only happens every few decades or centuries). In the first book … Read more

Alien: The Cold Forge

A menacing alien roars at the viewer, its wasp-like body ready to attack.

The Cold Forge is a deep space research facility focused on deadly corporate research. Set in the Alien universe, the black site is funded by long-time corporate villains Weyland-Yutani. Along with ethically questionable bioweapons and a destructive AI, the Cold Forge is home to a cache of xenomorph eggs from … somewhere. Lead researcher Blue Marsalis is … Read more

Station Eternity

A woman whose face is half white and blue, looks out at the viewer. She is wearing glasses with planets and a small wasp like insect reflected in them.

Murder follows Mallory Viridian. Elementary school, college, day jobs, parties: If she’s there, someone is likely to die. And if they die, she’ll be uncannily drawn to the mystery of who did it, much to the ire and skepticism of law enforcement. She wanted to get away from the death, so she became one of … Read more

Summer Reading List 2024

Several covers for books featured in the Nuketown Summer Reading List 2024

The 17th edition of Nuketown’s sci-fi and fantasy Summer Reading List features 18 books (15 novels, three non-fiction books), three novellas, and five graphic novels. The Summer of 2024 will be a fun one. My wife and I are going to Iceland with our extended family for a week and we’ll be spending a week … Read more

Return to Philmont: Introduction to Backpacking

March 2024 saw us hit the trail with an “introduction to backpacking” trek to New Jersey’s Wharton State Forest as part of our upcoming return to Philmont. It’s our traditional starter trek, which is meant to introduce new scouts and leaders to backpacking. It also gives more experienced scouters an opportunity to get out their … Read more

Dig Dug – Ready Player One Video Game Replay

A screenshot from Dig Dug, featuring the main character (in white) digging through yellow, red, and orange layers of earth to find an exterminate monsters.

Dig Dug is a quirky tunneling-based arcade game from the 1980s. It features an … exterminator? … in a white environment suit who ventures underground to wipe out the pests dwelling there. Released in 1982 by Namco, it became a staple of arcades and myriad game consoles. Quote I continued farther into the dark electronic cave … Read more