Off the Bookshelf: Project Nemesis, Strange Dogs, Valiant Dust

A planet emerges from a glowing halo of energy.

It’s been a slow couple of months for book reading as I’ve been focusing on knocking down my pile of comic books. Since my summer reading list ended back in September I’ve read two books and a novella, but the break gave me time to recharge and start contemplating my Winter 2017 reading list. Project Nemesis Project Nemesis (Amazon) … Read more

Off the Bookshelf: New Space Opera, Open Game Table, Space Opera Renaissance

The spring hasn’t been a great time for fiction reading. After my winter reading spree, I fell into back into my video game reviewing routine at, but I did manage to get a few new books in: The New Space Opera, The Open Game Table, and The Space Opera Renaissance. The New Space Opera … Read more

Welcoming the Space Opera Renaissance

You’ve got your cyberpunk, your hard science fiction, your urban fantasy, but some days, what you really want is a good ship, faster-than-light travel, and a trusty blaster at your side. The Space Opera Renaissance (Amazon) looks like it’ll provide exactly that. The new anthology, released July 11, looks to be gathering a positive buzz online … Read more