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Looking to improve your workflows, streamline your life, and de-stress your life in the new year? Check out “The Ultimate Guide To Productivity Methods“, Pocket’s round-up of productivity methods including “Eat The Frogs First Thing in The Morning” and “Productivity 101: How to Use Personal Kanban to Visualize Your Work”. Vegetarian Eggs Benedict with Spinach … Read more

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The ‘Caspian Sea Monster’ rises from the grave – I’ve posted about the 380-ton “Lun-class Ekranoplan before. It’s a massive ground-effect vehicle, which means it’s basically a huge, low-flying aircraft/ship that’s designed to evade radar by skimming across the surface of the ocean. This one’s being towed to a new home, where it will become … Read more

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The Labyrinth – New Narrative Art Book by Simon Stålenhag – The creator of Tales from the Loop and Things from the Flood is back on Kickstarter with a new art/fiction book. The Mysterious Bronze Objects That Have Baffled Archaeologists for Centuries – Stashing this away for use in my Weird Pulp campaign. ‘Superhabitable’ planets could be better for life than Earth – … Read more

Blogworthy: Star Wars: Squadrons, Life on Venus, Stargate, Bladerunner Today, Good-bye IE, Submarine Bases

Tor: A Games’ Short Star Wars: Squadrons Film Hunted is Everything I Want in an X-Wing Series – Damn you, EA … you’re making me want to love this game. On Venus, mysterious traces of gas tease the possibility of extraterrestrial life – As Dr. Ian Malcolm says, life finds a way. Blade Runner: San … Read more

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‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Returning To Planet-Of-The-Week Stories & TOS Optimism, Says Alex Kurtzman – Yes, please! Invisible rogue planets without stars? NASA’s new space telescope could find hundreds of them – Speaking of strange new worlds, NASA is looking for some. Racing to Stay Alive – When I run, I just run. I don’t give a … Read more

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There could be 36 communicating intelligent civilizations in our galaxy, study says – The most famous equation for calculating the number of intelligent civilizations in the galaxy is based on the Drake Equation, which equally famously has a lot of variables that can’t be known. This study tries to get at the same answer through … Read more

Blogworthy – Dusty Betelgeuse, Book of Fiends, Dangerous X-Wings, Finding Black Holes, Snyder Cut

Weird, dimming star Betelgeuse may have a dusty explanation – Ah, remember those bygone days when our biggest worry was a red giant star going supernova? Foo Fighters ‘Times Like These’ Quarantine Mix Is Unreal – I’m not crying. You’re crying. Danger Zone – X-Wing Tribute – Ok, that was a bit intense. Time for some good ol’80s era … Read more

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Join Meetings From A Galaxy Far, Far Away With These Star Wars Backgrounds – Zoom meetings are exhausting and boring. Make them a little more interesting by throwing Cloud City, and X-Wings, and Death Star ruins into your background. David Brin’s List of “Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy Tales” – Looking for some new books … Read more

Blogworthy: Believing Virus Myths, NASA Worm, Stargate RPG, Kool Aid Man, Skyrim Mods, Mars Rover, Galactic World Building

Why smart people believe coronavirus myths talks about a phenomenon I’ve seen too many times to count: Otherwise intelligent people retweeting or re-posting questionable content without thinking it through. Case in point: people stating as fact that individuals are getting reinfected with COVID-19. There are certainly cases where people who have had the disease test … Read more

Blogworthy: Good News, Toilet Paper Economics, Star Trek Swearing, Wither Betelgeuse?, Tales from the Loop, Good-bye Dirk Pitt

Some Good News with John Krasinski: The star of The Office and Jack Ryan started his own Youtube show dedicated to bringing good news to a world that desperately needs it. Thanks John, this is awesome! What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About the Toilet Paper Shortage: Sure, some people are buying more toilet paper than they … Read more