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The ‘Caspian Sea Monster’ rises from the grave – I’ve posted about the 380-ton “Lun-class Ekranoplan before. It’s a massive ground-effect vehicle, which means it’s basically a huge, low-flying aircraft/ship that’s designed to evade radar by skimming across the surface of the ocean. This one’s being towed to a new home, where it will become part of a museum.

A man flying in a jetpack has been spotted again in the skies over Los Angeles – A man in a jetpack flying around Los Angelos? Sounds a bit like The Rocketeer, doesn’t it?

Zine of Wondrous Power Issue 04 – I miss getting print magazines in the mail; zines are published infrequently, but they help fill that void. Issue 4 of one of my favorites features an addendum to Issue 3’s The Ioun Codex, which introduces a new ioun magic prestige class. It also includes a small dungeon crawl (“The Secret of Brook’s Mine”), an essay about gaming during difficult times, and more.

Tome of Beasts II – A new Dungeons & Dragons 5e-compatible monster book from Kobold Press? Yes, please!

Do These Things After Work Everyday and You Will Achieve Anything You Want in Life – Suggestions on how to get the things done that you want to get done by defending the time you need and developing constructive habits. Yes, the article’s a bit rah-rah with its approach, but its recommendation of allocating 30-60 minutes of time each day to your personal projects and/or improvement is a good one.

The Best Two-Player Card & Board Games – When my wife and I are able to stop and catch our breath, we like to play games. Of the games on this list, I can personally recommend CarcassoneTicket to Ride, and TsuroDominion is a fun game, but a little intense for couples night. The same goes for Pandemic, though its a great cooperative game, which may offset its intensity.

10 Best Winter Backpacking Packs – I’ve gone winter camping (there’s nothing like a 0 degree F Klondike to make you appreciate how warm 20 degrees F can be) but never winter backpacking. Stashing this link here in case that changes.

How to pair the Media Remote to the PS4 – An admittedly niche link; I’m adding it because it’s also a super useful one if – as I do – you use your PS4 primarily as a media station, and the thing periodically forgets about its very useful remote.

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An artist’s concept of a Soviet wing-in-ground effect vehicle (hand-sketched illustration). Source: Mediawiki Commons.

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