Blogworthy: Star Wars: Squadrons, Life on Venus, Stargate, Bladerunner Today, Good-bye IE, Submarine Bases

Tor: A Games’ Short Star Wars: Squadrons Film Hunted is Everything I Want in an X-Wing Series – Damn you, EA … you’re making me want to love this game. On Venus, mysterious traces of gas tease the possibility of extraterrestrial life – As Dr. Ian Malcolm says, life finds a way. Blade Runner: San … Read more

Blogworthy – Dusty Betelgeuse, Book of Fiends, Dangerous X-Wings, Finding Black Holes, Snyder Cut

Weird, dimming star Betelgeuse may have a dusty explanation – Ah, remember those bygone days when our biggest worry was a red giant star going supernova? Foo Fighters ‘Times Like These’ Quarantine Mix Is Unreal – I’m not crying. You’re crying. Danger Zone – X-Wing Tribute – Ok, that was a bit intense. Time for some good ol’80s era … Read more

Bunnies and Burrows, 3rd Edition Kickstarter

Geeks of a certain age remember the novel Watership Down by Richard Adams, which told the story of a desperate band of rabbits fleeing their doomed warren. Geeks of perhaps a slightly younger age remember the movie based on the book … and the nightmares it gave a generation. As a 46-year-old Gen Xer, I fall into … Read more

Red Lasers! Blue Lasers! Freedom!

Heroes and villains fight on a chaotic, G.I. Joe-like battlefield.

The Kickstarter for Freedom Squadron, a Savage Worlds-powered homage to 1980s cartoon action heroes, is in its final days. Inspired by G.I. Joe, Transformers, and their 80s brethren, Freedom Squadron‘s campaign looks to fund two setting books: the Commando’s Manual, which is the character-building book, and the Freedom Squadron Plans & Operations Manual, which is … Read more

Kickstarting Flash Gordon RPG for Savage Worlds

Pulp serial hero Flash Gordon stands ready for battle; the logo bearing his name appears behind him.

[… must … resist … Queen/Flash Gordon … reference…] The Flash Gordon RPG for Savage Worlds Kickstarter is live. Created by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, the Kickstarter includes the Flash Gordon RPG core rule book (192 page hardcover), the Kingdoms of Mongo campaign book (192 page hardcover), a 32-page adventure, a game master’s screen, new bennies, new dice, cool maps, and even a boxed set that … Read more

GenCon 2014 Gaming Round Up

A cross section of the RPG source books, card games, and bumper stickers I got at GenCon.

I’m back from GenCon 2014. As always it was an exhausting-but-fun four days of gaming, preceded by a few days visiting with my wife’s relatives relatives in southern and central Indiana. Adventuring with D&D 5th Edition My Dungeons & Dragons 5e events were decent — I played a pre-gen wizard who I was able to … Read more

International TableTop Day 2014

Today’s International TableTop Day. Organized by Wil Wheaton the TableTop show and the Geek and Sundry YouTube channel, International TableTop Day is all about playing role-playing, card, and board games. I spent most of the day away from the table, coaching baseball for my son, then softball for my daughter. I did, however, get to … Read more

iPad Board Gaming, Late 2013 edition

One of the things I love most about the iPad is how many board games have made it to the iOS platform. Classics like Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, and Settlers of Catan blazed the trail, but now we’re seeing another wave of releases with games like Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy and Lords of … Read more