RPG-a-Day 2021: Inspiration (Alternate)

Lines of text which make up a random table-based generator

When it comes to inspiration, I love a little chaos. I often turn to online generators and random tables when I’m brainstorming session ideas (or just need a quick name for my game … which inevitably spawns a new NPC + backstory) Here are a few of my favorite online generators: Donjon: A venerable generator … Read more

RPG-a-Day 2021: Scenario

A spread of RPG books

When I think of scenarios, I think of conventions. I think tightly focused, 3-4 hour-long sessions, usually with pre-generated characters and flexible, but straightforward, story arc. I find scenario writing a very different exercise from prepping for my weekly campaign-style games. Most of our campaigns have been heavily serialized, with overarching stories that continue on … Read more

Blogworthy: Star Wars: Squadrons, Life on Venus, Stargate, Bladerunner Today, Good-bye IE, Submarine Bases

Tor: A Games’ Short Star Wars: Squadrons Film Hunted is Everything I Want in an X-Wing Series – Damn you, EA … you’re making me want to love this game. On Venus, mysterious traces of gas tease the possibility of extraterrestrial life – As Dr. Ian Malcolm says, life finds a way. Blade Runner: San … Read more

The Lost Worlds of Stargate SG-1

Stargate is one of those long-running science fiction series that I’ve never been able to watch. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that its syndicated life — and its new SCI-FI Channel one — don’t match up with my own schedule very well. It tends to air at odd times on Saturdays and … Read more