Blogworthy: Star Wars: Squadrons, Life on Venus, Stargate, Bladerunner Today, Good-bye IE, Submarine Bases

Tor: A Games’ Short Star Wars: Squadrons Film Hunted is Everything I Want in an X-Wing Series – Damn you, EA … you’re making me want to love this game.

On Venus, mysterious traces of gas tease the possibility of extraterrestrial life – As Dr. Ian Malcolm says, life finds a way.

Blade Runner: San Francisco – Our dystopian, cyberpunk future has arrived.

The Pentagon has ordered Stars and Stripes to shut down for no good reason. And then it rescinded that order: Pentagon will reverse shutdown order for Stars and Stripes

Microsoft will bid farewell to Internet Explorer and legacy Edge in 2021 – That’s ok. My unpleasant memories of using 1×1 px image hacks to force IE to render tables correctly will be with me forever.

The latest trend in RV’ing: Getting way off the grid – I can see the appeal of RVing when my wife and I get older; driving around the country and checking out all the various baseball stadiums sounds like a great way to spend a summer. The thing about RVing that never really appealed to me though was the social aspect; the whole “get an RV, go to a campground, and spend the summer there”. Now getting on the road and going somewhere remote? That appeals to me…

Rediscovering Stargate: Coming Back To The Forgotten Star- Series – For a long time, Stargate SG-1 and its spinoffs dominated my geeky television routine. And then it ended, and in ending, faded from our collective consciousness.

Satellite photos appear to show Chinese submarine using underground base – Stashing this for future reference in a modern espionage game…

Hubble spies the culprit behind Betelgeuse star’s dimming. And it may be happening again – Good news, everyone, the red giant isn’t going to explode (yet). It’s recent dimming is likely caused by a massive plume of dust.

Sir Ridley Scott Confirms He Is Still Developing Next Alien Prequel – It couldn’t be worse than Covenant, right? Right?

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The Stargate. Credit: MGM

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