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Many years ago I used Google Reader to keep up with my various blog feeds. It wasn’t perfect, but it gave me a snapshot of the blogosphere while drinking my morning coffee and helped me feel connected to the larger gaming community.

Over time, Google killed Reader and I relied more on social media to keep up with my favorite blogs and podcasts. I also used the RPG Blogger, a website that aggregated posts from gaming websites, to get my irregular gaming updates.

The problem is neither of these approaches is working. Social media’s become a fire hose (for vomit cannon, depending on the day) that makes it difficult to keep up with people’s posts. RPG Blogger is dead and I haven’t found a worthwhile site to replace it.

So I as I wander the internet wilderness, I find myself returning back to the beginning: aggregating blog posts using a feed reader. My reader of choice these days is Feedly. I imported all of my old feeds to the site when Google Reader shutdown, but in revisiting it I found many of the blogs were dead or their feeds had stopped working. I’ve spend the last few weeks dusting away the cobwebs, purging old sites, and rebuilding my feed list.

This post serves as a rallying point for that effort. I’ll update it over time as I add or remove sites from my feed. Reading suggestions are welcome; add them as a comment or email them to me at

  • Berin Kinsman: Once upon a time Berin ran a website called That site’s long gone, but he continues to blog at his personal site and publish RPG-related products through his company, Dancing Light Press.
  • Campaign Mastery: Advice for creating and running a campaign. Topics include weather, in-game legacies, house rules, and much more.
  • Creighton Broadhurst: The personal blog for the publisher of Raging Swan Press. Includes campaign updates (both sagas and locations), game advice, and occasional business updates.
  • Daemons & Deathrays: A blog that focuses on the weird and strange in RPGs. I particularly like the “Bizarre Bazaar” columns.
  • Daniel/Highmoon: The personal blog of Daniel Perez, a friend from the Golden Age of Blogging.
  • DM David: An excellent blog that delves into the history of the game while simultaneously exploring the issues that impact modern players and game masters. Lots of good lore to be found here, as well as thoughts on how to best run a game.
  • Dyson’s Dodecahedron: A constant inspiration when it comes to cartography, Dyson’s site is home to truly impressive collection of home-grown maps.
  • En World: One of the biggest destinations for RPG news and reviews on the Web.
  • Gnome Stew: A venerable gaming blog and the spiritual successor to Treasure Tables. Features a ton of great advice and a supporting podcast.
  • Greyhawk Grognard: Greyhawk will always be the Blackrazor Guild’s first, best choice for a campaign world; this blog is dedicated to that setting.
  • Hack & Slash: An Old School blog that enjoys delving into the minutia of fantasy RPG genre.
  • Living 4 Crits: A role-playing game blog that features posts about an ongoing kid-friendly RPG campaign.
  • Newbie DM: The author is far more prolific on Twitter (@NewbieDM) but the blog’s still worth checking out.
  • Nuketown: The ol’thermonuclear burg. I couldn’t leave it off the list, could it?
  • Renaissance Gamer: A general interest game blog. I discovered it as part of the RPG Blog Carnival.
  • Rolling Boxcars: A gaming blog that frequently ventures into the weirdness that is Call of Cthulhu.
  • Sly Flourish: A popular Dungeons & Dragons blog that began in the 4e days and survived the transition to 5e.
  • Stargazer’s World: A general interest RPG blog that often delves into science fiction and Old School gaming.
  • Swords & Stichery: Sewing machine repair and Old School gaming … what could be better?
  • Tribality: A Dungeons & Dragons-focused blog that frequently posts good content related to the game, both original posts and reviews of books and updates from Wizards of the Coast.
  • Wine and Savages: Awesome title, good content, occasionally with a Savage Worlds bent.


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