So Long and Thanks for All the Tweets

A snapshot of a Twitter profile

It’s long past time to say goodbye to Twitter. And not just because Twitter doesn’t actually exist anymore (having been replaced by the ridiculous “X”). You can find me online at the following places: Twitter stopped being fun years ago. I stuck around because I had a few friends there, and momentum. Most of the … Read more

One Month Later

A nuclear blast at sea. Palm trees can be seen in the foreground, while ships appear in the mid-ground. The blast looms over all.

The redesigned Nuketown launched on November 16, 2017. In the month since then, the site’s seen a decent bump in traffic month over month, with unique page views up 32.25% (from 1,631 to 2,157) and users up 8.45% (from 1,420 to 1,540). That said … traffic saw a big drop from the same time last year. Unique page … Read more

Nuketown Reignited

A nuclear mushroom cloud rises through the atmosphere, glowing yellow against the orange sky.

The redesigned Nuketown is here. After months of work — nearly a year if I’m honest — the latest iteration of the ol’thermonuclear burg is online. It features a host of new content, including: New episodes of the Nuketown Radio Active podcast. Game Day columns on topics like ending campaigns, Savage Worlds-powered Stargate, high level games in D&D, … Read more

The Nuketown Migration, Part II

Geese inflight against a grey sky.

The Nuketown Migration continues. All of the posts have been imported and I’ve completed my first pass through the content, visiting each and every post from the last 16 years to do some light editing, add or update images, and purge radically outdated content (like two-sentence posts promoting a site that doesn’t exist any more). … Read more

The Nuketown Migration

A screenshot of the website focusing on the site name and a featured story.

It’s been four years since the last Nuketown redesign, and I don’t know how many years since I first started powering the site with Drupal. It’s time for some changes. First up, I’m moving the site from Drupal to WordPress. I’ve been on Drupal since the 4.x days, faithfully upgrading with each major release until … Read more

Evaluating Post a Day, December 2014

In December 2014 I decided to post every day for a month. I had two goals: get back into the habit of daily writing and establish a baseline “active month” for Nuketown in Google Analytics. My secondary goal was to increase traffic to the website (both year over year and month over month) but I wasn’t sure what percentage was reasonable, but I wanted to see increases in unique sessions, unique users, and unique page views.

The return of the RADIATIONS newsletter

The RADIATIONS email newsletter is back. In olden times (circa 1999) Nuketown had a lovingly hand-edited newsletter called RADIATIONS. It had a pithy intro, thoughtful commentary, and a summary of whatever was posted to Nuketown that week. A few years — ok, a lot of years — later, RADIATIONS is back … and it’s made … Read more

A Post a Day, December 2014

I’m going make one post a day to Nuketown in December 2014. It’s a busy month to do it, and I may regret it as things ramp up for the holidays, but damn it, something must be done. I made two posts in November. Before that, there hadn’t been a post to the site since … Read more

Thirty for Thirty

I have a goal for April: update Nuketown 30 times in 30 days, with at least three updates a week that are blog posts and four that are microcontent. What I’d really like is to do a blog post, review, or column every day of the month, but there’s no way that’s happening. My wife … Read more