The Nuketown Migration, Part II

The Nuketown Migration continues. All of the posts have been imported and I’ve completed my first pass through the content, visiting each and every post from the last 16 years to do some light editing, add or update images, and purge radically outdated content (like two-sentence posts promoting a site that doesn’t exist any more).

It was a slow go, made slower by a span of time in 2003-2004 where a large chunk of posts didn’t get imported, and another span from 2001-2003 where I had to repair stories damaged in an earlier migration.

I’m now on my second pass through the content. On this pass, I’m standardizing tags, adding more photos, and generally making sure that everything’s up to snuff. While that’s happening, I’m also creating new content for the site. My goal is to have new posts for every major section when the site goes live … and I’m not going live until that content is done.

Heck, you might even get a new Nuketown Radio Active out of the deal…

I’ll admit the project is taking longer than I expected, but that’s largely because I want to make sure I get it right this time. To be sure, a lot of web links are going to break this time around, far more than in the previous web redesigns, but the new site is going to be far more internally consistent and (hopefully) better organized.

“We shall redouble our efforts”

As I make my way through the years of content I’m realizing just how little time I’ve spent writing for Nuketown over the last few years. Part of me — that’d be the 24 year old that started Nuketown — wants nothing more than to dive back into it and start pounding out posts every day. But the 44-year-old me, well, that guy’s got a lot of responsibilities. Managing projects at work. Raising a Seeing Eye puppy with my family. Coaching baseball. Serving as Cubmaster for a Cub Scout pack. That guy … well, he doesn’t have the kind of time that the 24-year-old does.

Still … I have some time. And as a wise friend once said … I really should be writing. To that end, I’ve been working setting a reasonable schedule for myself that should lead to new content once or twice a week. That’s a far cry from the early days of the ol’thermonuclear burg … but also a lot better than what I’ve managed over the last few years.

Right now the plan is to launch the new Nuketown in March 2017, probably around the middle of the month.

Feature Photo: Barnacle Geese flock (Branta leucopsis) flying in formation during autumn migration, catching last rays of the sun in dull autumn sky. Credit: Thermos.

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