So Long and Thanks for All the Tweets

It’s long past time to say goodbye to Twitter. And not just because Twitter doesn’t actually exist anymore (having been replaced by the ridiculous “X”).

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Twitter stopped being fun years ago. I stuck around because I had a few friends there, and momentum. Most of the actual day-to-day interactions were terrible as people argued with one another and the worst, most abusive, most over-the-top tweets gained the greatest traffic and visibility.

There were glimmers of cordiality, particularly in the zine and RPG communities, but they were often overwhelmed by the loudest, most obnoxious voices.

Elon Musk’s chaotic leadership added to the dysfunction, and then accelerated it.

In November 2022, I signed up for Dice.Camp, a Mastodan instance, and it’s been a great experience.

Actual conversations!

Reasonable discourse!

A general lack of the pile-on drama that made Twitter so exhausting!

I stuck around on Twitter for my various public personas (@NukeHavoc, @knewquist, and @NuketownSF) but posted less and less there … and more and more on Mastodon. After months of not posting the on platform formerly known as Twitter (heck, not even checking the platform), I’m ready to say goodbye.

Musk clearly has no respect for the platform, his employees, or his users. He owns the company, so he can choose to drive it into the ground … but I don’t need to be along for the ride. This post will be pinned across my myriad accounts, which I intend to delete once I’ve fully settled into my new online homes, and directed people to the appropriate people.

So long Twitter. It was fun. Until it wasn’t.

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A screenshot of my NukeHavoc profile on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

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