Follow Friday Archive

A screenshot of Follow Friday social media updates on Mastodon

An ongoing archive of Nuketown’s Follow Friday updates. Social Media Instances – My favorite Mastodon instance. It’s like a never-ending summer camp for RPG fans, where the conversation is fun, the ideas are engaging, and everyone’s building weird projects out of popsicle sticks. Editors & Writers – Writer, editor, and host of the … Read more

So Long and Thanks for All the Tweets

A snapshot of a Twitter profile

It’s long past time to say goodbye to Twitter. And not just because Twitter doesn’t actually exist anymore (having been replaced by the ridiculous “X”). You can find me online at the following places: Twitter stopped being fun years ago. I stuck around because I had a few friends there, and momentum. Most of the … Read more

Online Dungeon Master’s Toolkit

A swampy battle map featuring heros battling demonic creatures. Created using Inkarnate, one of the tools in my Dungeon Master's Tool Kit

The key to virtual play is crafting a online Dungeon Master’s Toolkit that works for you. Just like my physical dungeon master’s toolbox, the online one makes my life easier. It cuts down on prep time, creates robust visuals for battle maps and illustrations, and keeps me focused. Adventure Prep Battle Map Creation Virtual Tabletop … Read more

Farewell to Google Jamboard

A combination battlemap and meme-inspired artboard

Google Jamboard, a virtual whiteboarding solution that the company coupled with an expensive real-world display, is shutting down. Google is turning it off on October 1, 2024. It never got traction in the virtual or real worlds, but it has a special place in my gaming heart for how we used it with Gamer Working Group … Read more

Follow Me to Dice.Camp!

A screenshot of my profile, including a recent post about Mutant Crawl Classics.

Dice.Camp is a Mastodon-based alternative to Twitter built around role-playing games. With Elon Musk’s chaotic neutral leadership style playing havoc with Twitter on a daily basis, many of my online friends have migrated to this and other Mastodon-based social media alternatives. You can find me there as @nukehavoc. I also post frequent updates for the … Read more

The Quest to Improve Nuketown’s Core Web Vitals

A graph depicting Nuketown's progress with Core Web Vitals, going from red (poor) in September to Green (good) in December

I started publishing Nuketown in 1996. I started using Google Analytics with Nuketown in 2006. In those early days of the site, Nuketown would get hundreds of page views a day, sometimes hitting a thousand. Over time, traffic declined significantly, partly because I posted less (ok, a lot less), and partly because the rules of … Read more

The Starlight Wanderer Hits the Trail

A Kindle e-reader open to text in the foreground, with a campfire in the background.

My third Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader arrived just in time for my June vacation. The 10th generation Kindle’s boasts two notable improvements: it’s waterproof and it integrates with Audible audiobooks. I greatly enjoyed my Kindles … right until screen damage ended their digital lives. I’m not exactly sure how it happened (I suspect some combination … Read more

Anker Soundcore 2: A good Bluetooth speaker

A close-up view of the black Anker speaker.

For years my sound systems were bifurcated. Ancient Logitech speakers, including a big, boxy subwoofer, resided in my game room/office. I used them when my computer was docked. Away from my desk, I used earbuds or whatever tinny sound my smartphone or tablet could produce. Last summer I spent a good many evenings working on … Read more