The Starlight Wanderer Hits the Trail

A Kindle e-reader open to text in the foreground, with a campfire in the background.

My third Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader arrived just in time for my June vacation. The 10th generation Kindle’s boasts two notable improvements: it’s waterproof and it integrates with Audible audiobooks. I greatly enjoyed my Kindles … right until screen damage ended their digital lives. I’m not exactly sure how it happened (I suspect some combination … Read more

Going digital with the Kindle Paperwhite

Looking back at Nuketown’s “Technology” category, I’m surprised how little I’ve written about the Kindle Paperwhite, especially considering just how much time I’ve spent using the device. I wrote about e-readers once — when I got my original Kindle Touch back in 2012. Since then I’ve upgraded to the Kindle Paperwhite (Amazon), which offers a crisper … Read more