Blogworthy: Baby Yoda Sleepytime, Unseen Enterprise, Doing Nothing, Electric State, Biohacking, Accidental Neighborhoods, Zeppelin Return, Limelight

A lounge in space. A bar can be seen to the left; tables with seats look out on space on the right

“Go To Sleep Baby Yoda” Perfectly Captures the Torture of Putting a Toddler to Bed: Yeah … it’s pretty much exactly like that. The Unseen Enterprise-D: Forgotten Trek documents the portions of the Next Generation’s Enterprise that we never saw on the show. It’s filled with fan and concept art for areas like the main shuttle bay, the ship’s many … Read more

Entering Bullet Time

Pens and pencils atop a writing journal.

Back in March I learned about bullet journals from a post by Berin Kinsman. Bullet journals are a type of journal that’s focused on quick-hit journal entries that are easy to add. Events, to-dos, random thoughts — they all go into the journal. As you complete things, you cross off their bullets. If you don’t … Read more

Searching for a Messenger Bag

Two notebooks, pens, an e-reader, and a pair of glasses sit atop an green L.L. Bean messenger bag.

I’m searching for a new messenger bag. My current go-to bag is a red backpack from L.L. Bean, but I need something more professional for the day job. Also, with my broken ankle I find that my backback makes me top-heavy; I need something with better weight distribution while I’m on crutches (which is for about the … Read more

Angular Momentum

A table divided into four columns: date, zone, last touched, and notes.

I’ve got a lot on my plate. Or rather, plates. I won’t recite it all here because it starts sounding like a pity party, but trust me … it’s a lot. And it’s a lot to keep track of. For the last month or so I’ve been trying out a new strategy for keeping track … Read more

Experimenting with Evernote alternatives

Sticky-note-like blocks of to do lists fill the screen.

Earlier in the summer Evernote limited their free service to only allow syncing between two devices. This severely hampered my Home Mac/Work Mac/iPad/iPhone workflow, and led me to try some other services: Google Keep and SimpleNote. I don’t begrudge Evernote their decision; I was the sort of user who was costing them money without providing … Read more