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“Go To Sleep Baby Yoda” Perfectly Captures the Torture of Putting a Toddler to Bed: Yeah … it’s pretty much exactly like that.

The Unseen Enterprise-DForgotten Trek documents the portions of the Next Generation’s Enterprise that we never saw on the show. It’s filled with fan and concept art for areas like the main shuttle bay, the ship’s many lounges (10 Forward wasn’t the only one after all) and “Cetacean Ops”, which is where the ship’s whales and dolphins assisted with navigation (and I had no idea they were on the Enterprise, though apparently the show referenced them).

Why Doing Nothing is Actually One of the Best Things You Can Do: An argument in favor of occasionally just doing … nothing … and how it can improve your mental health.

The Void (Electric State)The Electric State by Simon Stålenhag (Tales from the LoopThings from the Flood) is a beautiful, erie look at the American wasteland left behind when VR consumes much of humanity’s waking moments. The Void uses the Unreal Engine to create a dramatic, surreal look at Stålenhag’s creation.

This Is What Happened When I Tried The Silicon Valley “Biohacking” Fasting Trend: Based on my own experience with fasting (mostly for medical procedures), I think all that “biohacking” would accomplish is to make my tired, irritable, and vaguely nauseous.

The Brief, Baffling Life of an Accidental New York Neighborhood: The story of a ghost neighborhood named Haberman, Queens, which exists only on maps (and, as a result, on Google)

Zeppelins stopped flying after the Hindenburg disaster. Now scientists want to bring them back: Zeppelins were amazing flying machines – I loved researching them for my Weird Pulp and Day after Ragnarok campaigns and creating my own fanciful airships for those worlds. This article posits the return of hydrogen-filled airships that use the jet stream to move cargo around the world in a safe, eco-friendly manner. It’s a long shot scenario, but it’d be fantastic to see.

What Makes this Song Great? Ep.63 RUSH (#2): Rick Beato explains exactly why Rush’s song “Limelight” is so damn awesome.

Why One Neuroscientist Started Blasting His Core: An article explaining the science behind reducing stress by strengthening your core with exercise routines like yoga and pilates.

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Two Forward, one of the unseen lounge areas on the Enterprise NCC-1701-D. Credit: Forgotten Trek.

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