Ornament-a-Day: Weeping Angel

Geeky tree toppers are hard to find. Sure, there are tons of angels, stars, and other toppers out there, but there are very few that fit in with the Geek Tree. For a long time, it was only Santa Yoda that fit that role.

And then I found the Weeping Angel.

Inspired by the now-classic Dr. Who episode “Blink”, the Weeping Angel was the perfect addition to the Geek Tree. She stands atop the tree, her hands covering her eyes, looking all the world like a real Christmas angel. My geeky friends know better – if the angel were to drop her hands, everyone in the room would be in danger of having their time energy devoured.

I originally found the Weeping Angel on the now-defunct website Think Geek. It instantly sold out … but a few years later they got it back, and I managed to snag one. These days there are other geeky tree toppers out there – Hallmark released a Death Star tree topper and are planning to release an Enterprise one in 2020 – but I prefer the Weeping Angel.

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