Ornament-a-Day: U.S.S. Franklin NX-326

Star Trek Beyond is one of my favorite Trek movies. Unlike the derivative and uninspired Star Trek Into Darkness that preceded it, Beyond is an original story focused on exploration as well as the optimistic future that Trek embraces. Unfortunately, it didn’t do great in the box office, leading to a lull in new cinematic Star Trek offerings but that didn’t stop Hallmark from releasing the U.S.S. Franklin (NX-326) as a holiday ornament.

Today’s Ornament-a-Day entry is a battery-powered ornament. The Franklin doesn’t have any audio, but its bridge shines white and its warp nacelles glow yellow (an untraditional color for a Federation starship, but it’s an older vessel from the early days of the UFP). It’s a welcome Geek Tree reminder of a movie that epitomizes the best of Star Trek’s inclusive, positive vision.

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