RPG a Day 2023 – Most Memorable Encounter

A cyberpunk truck makes its way through a desert landcape. The text, Chapter 3: The Offer, appears next to it. The image represents Nuketown's most memorable encounter.

Rather than going for “Most Memorable Encounter” of all time, let’s talk about the most memorable encounter of the last year: “The Offer”. Chapter 2 of the Lair of Secret’s Cyberpunk RED actual play campaign saw the edge runners tasked with stealing black box corporate tech for the Maker Enclave. The Makers – whose motto is “We Aggressively Void … Read more

RPG a Day 2023 – Favorite Game System

The Fate core rulebook surrounded by dice.

At this point in #RPGaDay2023, you’d probably guess my favorite game system is Savage Worlds or Dungeons & Dragons 5e, and you’d be right. So let’s talk Fate instead. Descended from the earlier Fudge role-playing game, the earliest incarnation of Fate I played was Spirit of the Century. A pulp-y game of capable people ready to … Read more

RPG a Day 2023 – Funniest Game You’ve Played

A hand-drawn city map.

Many years ago, the Blackrazor Guild was one of the most prominent (and notorious) adventuring guilds of the Free City of Obsidian Bay. The guild’s adventurers fought in wars against the orc despot Turrosh Mak, did their best to repel the invasion of Obsidian Bay by the Scarlet Brotherhood (they failed), and accidentally flooded the … Read more

RPG a Day 2023 – Old Game You Still Play

Three editions of Savage Worlds, an old game I still play

The answer to the question “Old Game You Still Play?” could go a couple of ways, but I’ll change it up to be “the oldest game you still play”.  The answer had been GURPS Lite (1998) which powered our Generically Fast and Furious lunchtime game but that campaign wrapped in January 2023. D&D 5th Edition … Read more

Tennis for Two – Ready Player One Video Game Replay

A glowing ball flies over a white line representing a net in a screenshot of Tennis for Two

Tennis for Two is the world’s first video game, “released” in 1958. There’s a shrine dedicated to it in Ready Player One. Quote The museum’s bottom level, located in the planet core, was a spherical room containing a shrine to the very first videogame, Tennis for Two, invented by William Higinbotham in 1958. The game ran on an … Read more

Star Wars Arcade – Ready Player One Video Game Replay

A vector graphic version of the Death Star from Star Wars Arcade.

Star Wars Aracade is a vector graphics-based video game released by Atari in 1983. Additional versions were released for home consoles (albeit with inferior graphics). The game plays a minor role in Ready Player One, serving as the inspiration for the arcade museum planet of Archaide. Quote The planet’s only surface feature was a web … Read more

The return of the RADIATIONS newsletter

The RADIATIONS email newsletter is back. In olden times (circa 1999) Nuketown had a lovingly hand-edited newsletter called RADIATIONS. It had a pithy intro, thoughtful commentary, and a summary of whatever was posted to Nuketown that week. A few years — ok, a lot of years — later, RADIATIONS is back … and it’s made … Read more

Prepping the Summer 2013 Reading List

Summer is coming. You’d never know it based on the cold, rainy, and generally miserable weather we’ve been having in Easton, but the area’s finally greened up and warmer weather is on the wind. With June only days away I’m now scrambling to come up with my summer reading list. So far the list looks … Read more

Gorge Yourself on Comics with Marvel Unlimited

I love comics. I could spend every Saturday afternoon reading them… but I can’t afford to do that. With titles running $2.99 to $3.99 a piece, I can only keep up with my core X-Men titles. If there’s a major comic event (and there’s always a major event) I might pick up an extra book … Read more