The Other NukeCon

Back in July, my gaming group held a private, at-home game day we called NukeCon. Well, it turns out there is another NukeCon, one that’s been running for 13-odd years in Nebraska, and they were none to thrilled about our version. So, in the interest of inter-gamer harmony, and in deference to an honest-to-gosh convention, … Read more

RSS Feed Added to Nuketown

An RSS Feed has been added to Nuketown, allowing readers to download headlines from their site into offline readers such as NetNewsWire. The Nuketown RSS Feed contains the headlines and summaries of the webzine’s latest blog entries, articles, reviews, hoaxes, Web links and netheads. Also embedded in the feeds are hyperlinks, so you can read … Read more

Blimey! Outback Steakhouse Offers Gift Certificates, Greenbacks

Free money and Outback Steakhouse gift certificates await those who forward an e-mail tracking e-mail everyone in their address book. But like all of the emails promising big money and free stuff for annoying your friends and family, the RH Power Inc./Outback Steakhouse e-mail is a hoax. Here’s the original e-mail: Date Collected: 4/1/2001 OUTBACK … Read more

Bogus E-mail Claims Target Fails to Support Veterans

An e-mail allegedly penned by veteran Dick Forrey claims that Target, the national chain of discount department stores, refuses to donate to veteran organizations. The e-mail appears to have been inspired by a conflict between a veteran and a local Target store that probably could have been handled better than it was. The original e-mail, … Read more

TrollLord announces Lost City of Gaxmoor

Troll Lord Games sent us a press release today announcing that it’s d20 Adventure Setting “The Lost City of Gaxmoor” by Ernie and Luke Gygax is now available for immediate shipment from Wizards Attic (Troll Lord Games). The Lost City beckons braves adventurers to explore its ruins and crypts, and to vanquish the chaos and … Read more