Geek Christmas Tree 2023: The Multiverse Tree

The Battlestar Galactica, the Starship Enterprise grasped by a giant glowing hand, and Wiley Coyote flying on a rocket.

After 2021’s Star Trek geek tree, and 2022’s Star Wars geek tree, it’s time to feature every other geeky ornament in my collection with The Multiverse Geek Christmas Tree. Leading this year’s ragtag fleet of geeky ornaments is the Battlestar Galactica by Hallmark. She’s every bit as beautiful as her full-size namesake, especially with her engines and hanger bays lit … Read more

Dumbledore’s Army

I bet the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is making a heck of a lot of school administrators very, very nervous. And if they’re not … they should be. The latest Harry Potter book — the fifth in the series — is a story of quiet rebellion and passive-aggressive resistance against the … Read more

Is Harry Potter Satanic?

For the last few years — ever since the Harry Potter books became immensely popular — there has been an e-mail circulating online claiming that the adolescent wizard is in liege with Satan, aka the Prince of Darkness. In the books, there is a division between those who wield magic and those who don’t. The … Read more