TrollLord announces Lost City of Gaxmoor

Troll Lord Games sent us a press release today announcing that it’s d20 Adventure Setting “The Lost City of Gaxmoor” by Ernie and Luke Gygax is now available for immediate shipment from Wizards Attic (Troll Lord Games).

The Lost City beckons braves adventurers to explore its ruins and crypts, and to vanquish the chaos and evil that lies within! Gaxmoor is a complete Adventure Setting that takes characters from levels 1 to 10. Playable in Troll Lord Games’ World of Erde, or easily placed in any existing campaign, “The Lost City of Gaxmoor” will fill many nights with high adventure.

Gaxmoor is 136 pages, and comes complete with a color 16 x 21 foldout map with a retail price of only $20.95.

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