The Other NukeCon

Back in July, my gaming group held a private, at-home game day we called NukeCon. Well, it turns out there is another NukeCon, one that’s been running for 13-odd years in Nebraska, and they were none to thrilled about our version. So, in the interest of inter-gamer harmony, and in deference to an honest-to-gosh convention, I’ve retroactively changed the name of our game day to “NukemCon“.

As for the real “Nuke-Con”, you can find its web site at It’s being held October 1-3, 2004 at Days Hotel Carlisle in Omaha, Nebraska.

The whole thing does seem a bit silly, I mean, come on, our “convention” had less than a dozen people, all of whom were either members of the campaign, or friends of the campaign. And there’s no intention to turn it into anything other than just a private game day.

That said, I do understand their apprehension — up until today (and maybe for a while longer), if you do a search on the net for “NukeCon”, my blog entries show up first. As someone who’s run a gaming convention in the past, this sort of thing would have given me heartburn.

So that’s the deal. Our “NukeCon” is now “Nukem Con”. Their “NukeCon” remains the same as it ever was, and hopefully, any confusion has been negated. Or at least, properly channeled.

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