NukemCon: Day 1

Day One of NukemCon arrived yesterday, bringing with it HeroClix, Illuminati, Dungeons & Dragons and plenty of Halo.

We kicked off 12+ hours of gaming by opening a case of HeroClix: Ultimates, the new latest expansion for WizKids’ superhero miniatures game.

Then came three increasingly cutthroat games of Illuminati; Jon won the first one, Bob won the second.

After that, we changed venues, going from my house in Easton to Lance’s in Bethlehem, stopping at Wegman’s Supermarket along the way to pick up krauts, hotdogs, hamburgers and other essential supplies.

While Grillmaster Nate cooked up the food, Lance and I hastily networked our Xboxes together. The process was utterly painless, and we were playing Halo within minutes.

After food and a short frag fest, we turned to Dungeons & Dragons with a session run by Bob and Nate. The adventure — which continues Saturday — featured the eruption of a war between the gods Heironeous and Hextor in the world of Greyhawk.

We capped the day the day with five-person “Capture the Flag” games on Halo. I finally hit the sack at 1:30 a.m., exhausted and happy.

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