NukemCon: Afterthoughts

Grey and white robot-like figurines battle on a hexagonal map.

NukemCon has come and gone, and now that I’ve caught up on my sleep and my caffeine twitches have faded, it’s time to evaluate our first-ever home-grown convention. Overall, I think it went quite well. We got to play a heck of a lot games, although not nearly as many as I’d hoped. The final … Read more

NukemCon: Day 3

A close-up view of small fantasy figures on a gridded battle map.

The sun rose on NukemCon to find many a bleary-eyed gamer driving through Phillipsburg looking for breakfast. After snagging sustenance at McDonald’s and Manhattan Bagel, the stalwart dice-throwers returned to Easton and the first session of the day: Dungeons & Dragons. It was the third part of the D&D adventure we’d been playing all weekend, … Read more

NukemCon: Day 2

Gamers gathered around a table playing a card game.

The Blackrazor Motor Pool was forced into action on Day 2 of NukemCon, as car troubles harried our otherwise excellent day of gaming. It started with Bill’s car; when we went to get the third television out for our Xbox network, he caught a glimpse of something gleaming in his tire. Yes, in his tire. … Read more

NukemCon: Day 1

Two men sit at a table. Small plastic HeroClix figures stand arrayed on a large wooden table while a much larger comic book figure (Galactus) holds a bagel.

Day One of NukemCon arrived yesterday, bringing with it HeroClix, Illuminati, Dungeons & Dragons and plenty of Halo. We kicked off 12+ hours of gaming by opening a case of HeroClix: Ultimates, the new latest expansion for WizKids’ superhero miniatures game. Then came three increasingly cutthroat games of Illuminati; Jon won the first one, Bob … Read more

NukemCon: The Schedule

This page contains a run down of the games my friends and I will be playing at our in-house game day, NukemCon. I’m very happy with this list — while it’s only meant as a guide (hopefully we’ll be able to fit in a few more games not on it) I think it provides a … Read more