Munchkin Level Counter

At its heart, Steve Jackson’s Munchkin is a simple game. Players assume the role of adventurers hacking, slashing, and looting their way through a dungeon, fighting monsters (and often each other) on a quest to reach level 10.

These power-hungry munchkins can play all manner of cards to help them, including weapons, armor and other magic items, as well as special species and class cards. It’s simple … but often devilishly hard to track. The Munchkin Level Counter app ($4.99, Steve Jackson Games) adds to the complexity, but also brings some new tools for managing it.

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Munchkin Cthulhu: Drive your buddy insane, then steal his stuff

 Munchkin CthulhuMunchkin Cthulhu is the umpteenth expansion in Steve Jackson Games’ venerable card game line dedicated to killing monsters, stealing treasure, and stabbing your buddy in the back.

This time around though, the game is infused with horrors from beyond time and space drawn from the imagination of H.P. Lovecraft … and a new game-ending mechanic that eliminates one of Munchkin’s biggest flaws.

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