Game Day: Munchkin, Munchkin, Munchkin! (and a few Dwarves)

This week’s Game Day sees us returning to role-playing with Khelez-Mar: The Dwarven Imperative. If memory serves, our last adventure saw the dwarves at the cusp of entering the Obsidian Maze, a sprawling subterranean dungeon in the Drachensgrab Hills of the Pomarj in the World of Greyhawk. It’s been years since our campaign ventured back into one of Greyhawk’s largest death traps, and the last expedition was run by me. I’m looking forward to seeing what our current game master, Evil Genius, does with the old dungeon.

Dwarven Source Books

Last time we played the dwarven campaign, I wrote about my quest to find some good dwarven source books. I received a couple of good suggestions:

Hammer & Helm: A Guidebook to Dwarves

Publisher Blurb: The hammer-swinging, ale-gulping dwarf is a staple of any fantasy campaign, but there’s more to these stout folk than horned helmets and a lust for battle. Hammer & Helm, a player’s toolkit packed with character options, explores dwarf culture through a plethora of expertly designed rules by Dragon Magazine editor Jesse Decker. With new feats (including new types such as bloodline and bonding feats), prestige classes, subraces, spells, and equipment, Hammer & Helm lets you completely customize your dwarf character.

Heroes of High Favor: Dwarves

Publisher Blurb: DWARVES features background information and role-playing tips for ten unique dwarven prestige classes, as well as new feats, fighting styles, and dwarven runes. Of course, you will also find an extensive section on dwarven craftsmanship, including weapon and armorsmithing rules. You can create entirely new kinds of masterwork weapons and armor, crafted from the finest dwarven steel, mithral, and adamantine.

The Complete Book of Dwarves (for 2nd Edition D&D)

  • by Jim Bambra
  • Published by TSR Inc.

No blurb, since it’s long out of print, but it had a bunch of kits, proficiencies and background on dwarven subraces and society.

I think I have The Complete Book of Dwarves squirreled away somewhere, and if I can’t find the print version then I think I have a copy of the Core Rules 2nd Edition character generator that included all of the Complete Books in Rich Text Format (which I should really dig out for reference questions just like this one).

Both of the new d20 dwarves books look good, but I think Hammer & Helm is more in line with what I’m looking for, and I trust Green Ronin — everything I’ve purchased from them to date has been top notch.

Army of Munchkin-ness

We’re planning on having some pre-gaming tonight, and I’m pushing hard to play Munchkin Bites, the undead/horror iteration of Steve Jackon Games’ long-running, ever-expanding Munchkin franchise. This version introduces some new game mechanics, though for the life of me I can’t remember what they are — I think they’re basically special traits that grant your character special abilities, a la races, classes and equipment … but different.

It’s been a rough week, and unwinding with a little cutthroat Munchkin and a bottle of Sam Adams sounds like the perfect antidote.  For those, like me, who are a little rusty on the rules, you can find a Munchkin FAQ and the official errata on the Steve Jackson Games web site. The official Munchkin home page lists all the card and role-playing games spawned by the franchise, as well as the Munchkin’s Guide to Power Gaming that inspired them in the first place.

If you’re looking for fellow Munchkins to scheme with, check out the Munchkin Adventures Guild Yahoo Group. It describes itself thusly: ” This is a meeting place for Munchkin adventurers. Where you can swap stories (lie) and trade tactics (lie). Exchange ideas for custom cards, house rules, and possible expansion sets.”

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