Game Day: End of a Chapter, Wiki Progress, GenCon Prep

We had our last full Game Day before GenCon yesterday, featuring the concluding chapter of the Khelez-Mar dwarven campaign. We’ve also been scrambling to do last minute preparations for GenCon and pounding away on transfering data from our campaign web site to the new wiki. Thieves in the Night The culprits behind the earthquake that … Read more

Storming to Victory with the 300 Soundtrack

Maybe it’s having just listened to hours upon hours of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, but I truly enjoyed the 300 soundtrack’s martial mix of choral singing, Mediterranean/Middle Eastern-inspired music and a touch of hard rock explosiveness. The album has 25 tracks, from the opening “To Victory” to the final “Remember Us” and clocks … Read more

Game Day: Masterminding a Force of Dwarves

This week’s game day sees us returning to the Khelez-Mar dwarven campaign to launch an investigation/raid into the UnderOerth of the Pomarj. It’s not just Dungeons & Dragons though; I’ve also received my review copy of the new Star Wars Pocket Model constructible ship game by WizKids Games and I’ve been working on superhero histories for … Read more

Game Day: Complexity and Time, Mutant Heroes, Dwarven Quakes

Friday was utterly consumed by an all-day staff retreat at work, denying me my normal lunchtime opportunity to write my Game Day column. But here we go again, one day late, but a little wiser nonetheless as I take some time to look at the new Star Wars: Saga Edition RPG, consider lessons learned during … Read more

Game Day: A Dwarf by Any Other Name

Our brave adventurers are back in the dwarven stronghold of Khelez-Mar after nearly being consumed by a duegar-built green slime trap in the Obsidian Maze.  The group argued mightily about the retreat, with the dwarves eager to press on and the others stating that a withdrawal to the stronghold was needed to restock and perhaps … Read more

Game Day: Munchkin, Munchkin, Munchkin! (and a few Dwarves)

This week’s Game Day sees us returning to role-playing with Khelez-Mar: The Dwarven Imperative. If memory serves, our last adventure saw the dwarves at the cusp of entering the Obsidian Maze, a sprawling subterranean dungeon in the Drachensgrab Hills of the Pomarj in the World of Greyhawk. It’s been years since our campaign ventured back … Read more

Game Day: 5th Year Clix, Lost Dwarves, RPG Glossary, Game Widgets

Despite having written Game Day columns the last two weeks, I haven’t actually played much. Two weeks ago I was sidelined by pink eye, while last week a March snowstorm destroyed our plans to conquer the world with Risk 2210. This week it’s raining, but unless the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers rise up to devour … Read more

Game Day: Talk like a Dwarf, RPGs Go POD, Pierce the Magician

Tonight we’ll be playing Khelez-Mar: The Dwarven Imperative, our dwarf-centric campaign set on the Pomarj in the World of Greyhawk. The last adventure saw the adventurers tracking a large orcish warband comprised of orcs, grey renders and manticores. They engaged and mostly destroyed several of the warbands patrols before breaking off from the main body … Read more

Game Day: Mistaken Death, Barbaric Dwarves, Constructible Star Wars, SILVER Heroes, Savage Swords

It’s Game Day, meaning that in about seven hours, a horde of geeks will descend on my house and we’ll spend 4-6 hours hacking, slashing (and yes, role-playing) our way through a variety of humanoid menaces. Alternatively, we may be vying for world domination playing Risk 2210 or trying to prevent the Rise of the … Read more