Game Day: End of a Chapter, Wiki Progress, GenCon Prep

We had our last full Game Day before GenCon yesterday, featuring the concluding chapter of the Khelez-Mar dwarven campaign. We’ve also been scrambling to do last minute preparations for GenCon and pounding away on transfering data from our campaign web site to the new wiki.

Thieves in the Night

The culprits behind the earthquake that shook the dwarven fortress of Khelez-Mar and corrupted several of its silver veins were revealed to be a dwarven duo who worshipped Abbathor, god of greed. Friday night’s game saw our dwarven contingent and their human allies defeat these Abbathorian scum, retrieve magical axes that had been stolen from us in the previous adventure, and uncover a small horde of gold bars that will no doubt help fund future undertakings. Saga notes available via the GriffCrier.

Friday’s game marked the conclusion of the present arc in the Khelez-Mar campaign. It’ll be going on hiatus for a while as we focus on non-D&D games such as Mutants & Masterminds, Star Wars: Saga Edition, Savage Worlds, Call of Cthulhu and perhaps even Spirit of the Century We do intend to return to the campaign; it just may take us a year to do so.

Evil Genius, our DM for the campaign, has posted a bunch of notes on the campaign, including an overview of Khelez-Mar itself, the dwarven religions of its inhabitants, their orcish enemies, and much more — check it out on the GriffWiki.


The GriffWiki project is continuing apace; all of the PCs and NPCs from the web site have been moved to the wiki. We now have more than 200 people detailed in the wiki (visit the “People” category in the wiki for the complete list). At this point, all of the organizations and people are in the wiki; all that remains is moving the “site” and “country” writeups from the site to the wiki, and then double checking to make sure that all of the sagas have been moved over. With any luck, that’ll be done by the end of August, and we’ll be able to make the wiki the home page for the Crier.

GenCon Preparations

Almost everyone whose going to GenCon in our group has their tickets now, and we’re nailing down all of the last minute details, like whose arriving in Indianapolis when, how folks are getting to and from the airport, and how we’re meeting up with our compatriot from Oregon. I’ll be posting more thoughts on GenCon preparations as we get closer to the con.

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