The Lost Day

The thing I love most about urban legends is how they mutate over time. has an excellent debunking of one such debunking: “The Lost Day.” It recounts a tale in which NASA scientists doing orbital calculations are startled to discover a day of missing time … which a Christian follower is able to quickly … Read more Acid Rain Warning debunks the claim that a “dark ring around the moon” presages a cancer-causing acid rain storm. The myth starts off claiming that this is an event that happens once every 750 years but mutates to say that the volcanic eruptions in Iceland are to blame.

Snopes: Is Bill Clinton a Draft-Dodging Pardoned Felon?

Ah, Bill Clinton. I’d almost forgotten about all the great hoaxes, urban legends and miscellaneous crap that was circulating the Internet back in the heady days of the Dot Boom. Now that his wife is looking to make a presidential run, it’s all floating back to the surface, as is illustrated by the email alleging … Read more

The Case of Neil Armstrong’s Missing “A”

Neil Armstrong long maintained that when he uttered his famous phrase “One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind”, there was an ‘a’ in there between ‘for’ and ‘Man’. Austrialian programmer Peter Shann Ford analyzed NASA’s recording of the phrase, and says Armstrong was right. It’d be nice to if other researchers confirmed the existance of the missing “a”, which has dogged Armstrong for years (as this account on shows).

In related Neil Armstrong news, despite myriad rumors to the contrary, he has not converted to Islam. And no, Mr. Gorsky didn’t get lucky when Armstrong touched down at Tranquility Base.