Email Claims Gel Candles Can Explode Toilets

The destructive power of gel candles is heralded by a scare e-mail claiming these candles are capable of destroying toilets and burning down houses. The e-mail has some facts right; gel candles can flare up, causing fires, and there have been several gel candle recalls. But none of the recalls say anything about these candles … Read more

E-mail Overhypes Danger of 809 Phone Scam

The threat of the “809” phone scam–in which individuals try to trick people in the U.S. into calling a seemingly-national, but actually-international phone number–is blown ridiculously out of proportion by an e-mail circulating the net. The basic premise of the e-mail is true. The area codes do lie outside the United States and certain scam … Read more

Phenylpropanolamine Chain Letter Confuses, Misinforms

Truth is corrupted by fiction in an e-mail chain letter that tries to warn about the dangers of the recalled drug phenylpropanolamine. The FDA asked drug makers to recall the drug–used in several over-the-counter cold medicines and some weight loss products–and it has been connected to a minor increase in the chance of hemorrahgic stroke … Read more

Anyone Feeling a Draft?

A new e-mail is circulating the net claiming that the Bush administration is quietly attempting to bring back the draft, with an eye towards springing it on the country in Spring 2005, after the elections are over. In truth, while almost all of the elements in the e-mail are true — there are draft bills … Read more

Debunking George W. Bush’s Resume

There’s an e-mail that’s been going around for quite a while called “Bush’s Resume” which lists a few dozen “accomplishments” of the president. This blog entry includes links to sites that attempt to refute the points of this dubious document.