RPG a Day 2023 – Old Game You Still Play

The answer to the question “Old Game You Still Play?” could go a couple of ways, but I’ll change it up to be “the oldest game you still play”.  The answer had been GURPS Lite (1998) which powered our Generically Fast and Furious lunchtime game but that campaign wrapped in January 2023.

D&D 5th Edition (2014) feels like it came out a few years ago, but is actually nine years old. That’s amazing to me and demonstrates how fast time flies … and how good of a job Wizards of the Coast did managing the brand after the 4e misfire. Well, at least until 2022/2023, when they made some astoundingly boneheaded moves, particularly with the OGL, AI art, and the Spelljammer Yazarian re-write (no, I’m not calling them Hadozee).

Even older is Dungeon Crawl Classics (2012), which saw its 9th printing in 2021. DCC and it’s cousin Mutant Crawl Classics, have become staple convention games for me. They tend to be over the top, with old-school encounters and unexpected spell effects, and are usually a blast. I wish there were more higher-level adventures … but that’s just an opportunity for me to write some higher-level adventures.

But the oldest game I play regularly is actually Savage Worlds (2003). Granted, there have been several revisions and editions since then, but the core game remains pretty close to the 2003 release in terms of basic mechanics (traits, edges, hindrances, etc.)

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My collection of Savage Worlds core rulebooks. Credit; Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

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