The return of the RADIATIONS newsletter

The RADIATIONS email newsletter is back. In olden times (circa 1999) Nuketown had a lovingly hand-edited newsletter called RADIATIONS. It had a pithy intro, thoughtful commentary, and a summary of whatever was posted to Nuketown that week. A few years — ok, a lot of years — later, RADIATIONS is back … and it’s made by monkeys.

I’ve created a MailChimp newsletter that pulls in the last week of Nuketown’s posts mails them to subscribers every Monday at 6 a.m. I set it up a year ago, and a few brave souls have been testing it, but I never got around to actually promoting the frakking thing or integrating it into Nuketown’s theme. Now it is — you can get to the newsletter from the footer, the sidebar of most articles, and the email-like icon in the header. Yes, I realize the email icon is something of a bait-and-switch … but finding a newsletter icon is hard.

It’s no longer hand-crafted — I simply don’t have the time to do that sort of thing any more — but it is a good way of keeping up with what’s been happening at the ol’thermonunclear burg. Given that I’m on a quest to post every day this month, I figured I should give folks another way to actually keep up with all those posts.

We’ll see how it goes. The format is pretty basic, and it’s only the articles, not the tweets, though I’m looking at adding those. The newsletter’s integration into the site is low key — just a couple of links — but I’m looking at adding a sign up form to the articles pages as well. Unfortunately my initial attempts to do so ended in disastrous — yet hilarious — failure as the block with the form ended up being about 150 pixels wide … and 600 pixels tall. Clearly I have some CSS issues to work out, so I figured I’d save that for a rainy day, and in the meantime actually start promoting the thing.

Subscribe to the newsletter and let me know what you think.

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