Scifi, Super Power Companions Available for Savage Worlds

The long-awaited Science Fiction Companion for Savage Worlds and an updated version of the Superpowers Companion are now available for purchase as PDFs, and pre-order for the print editions.

The Science Fiction Companion is the one I’m most excited about. Pinnacle had done a scifi toolkit a number of years ago, but it had never been updated to reflect changes to the core rules (particularly with the release of the Deluxe Edition). They also have the Slipstream campaign setting, but that’s a classic pulp scifi setting, a la Buck Rodgers and Flash Gordon.

The previous companions (Fantasy, Horror, and Super Powers did a fantastic job of expanding the core rules to accomodiate new settings and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the science fiction edition’s release. It includes new races, edges, hinderances, cybernetics, alien creatures, and a framework for building new tech.

Reading this, I immediately had flashbacks to Zebulon’s Guide to Frontier Space and a big part of me wanted to immediately drop everything I’m was doing and whip up a Savage Worlds-powered Star Frontiers campaign, consensus be damned.

Naturally, I thought better of this, but I have been brainstorming some convention scenarios.

I’m less happy to see the second edition of the Super Powers Companion. According to the product page, this second edition introduces more than just a beautiful new cover. The rules are changed to bring it in line with Savage Worlds Deluxe. It introduces new powers, setting rules, and abilities, but losses a few of the villains from the initial release.

Pinnacle will be publishing a web page with the second edition enhancements so you don’t have to buy the new book if you own the first one, and they’re going to have a Villains web enhancement for the cut material. That’s nice to see, but I’m annoyed at the prospect of buying a new edition so soon after purchasing the first one.

For now, I’ll likely stick with the version I have. If we ever decide to run a Savage Supers campaign, I’ll likely take a look at the new book to see if the updated powers fit our group better.

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