Kickstarting Flash Gordon RPG for Savage Worlds

[… must … resist … Queen/Flash Gordon … reference…]

The Flash Gordon RPG for Savage Worlds Kickstarter is live. Created by Pinnacle Entertainment Group, the Kickstarter includes the Flash Gordon RPG core rule book (192 page hardcover), the Kingdoms of Mongo campaign book (192 page hardcover), a 32-page adventure, a game master’s screen, new bennies, new dice, cool maps, and even a boxed set that pulls it all together into one very cool, very expensive package.

The game draws inspiration from the original Flash Gordon comics, the cinematic serials, and the classic/campy Flash Gordon movie. Most of what I know about Flash Gordon comes from the movie (and Queen lyrics) but I have picked up enough about the source material to be intrigued. Plus, I’m a sucker for a good pulp game. Combining it with science fiction/space opera just makes it that much better.

The game ships in June 2018. Using it to power a short Flash Gordon campaign in the summer months sounds like a fantastic idea: three-to-four sessions of serial-inspired goodness, with larger-than-life heroes and over-the-top villains.

For me, the question isn’t whether to support the kickstarter … it’s at what level. Though I’m sorely tempted by the boxed set, the GM Kit with the core books in print format seems the more reasonable choice. The most affordable option would be the PDF bundle, but I do love having these kind of books in print.

Learn more about the Kickstarter at the official webpage.

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  • Promotional artwork for the Flash Gordon RPG for Savage Worlds. Credit: Pinnacle Entertainment Group
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