International TableTop Day 2014

Today’s International TableTop Day. Organized by Wil Wheaton the TableTop show and the Geek and Sundry YouTube channel, International TableTop Day is all about playing role-playing, card, and board games.

I spent most of the day away from the table, coaching baseball for my son, then softball for my daughter. I did, however, get to talk a big of gaming with my friend Tom (a fellow Blackrazor), who’s son is on my team. We got to spend a few minutes geeking out about Drive Thru RPG’s big TableTop Day sale, which included big discounts Dungeon Crawl Classics and 13th Age (both of which I took advantage of) and their collection of test drive PDFs. We also chatted about Amazon’s TableTop Day promotions, which in and of itself was pretty amazing.

Amazon … celebrating a geek holiday? Well done, Mr. Wheaton, well done.

Unfortunately the Blackrazors won’t be doing any board gaming today, but I’m hopeful that I can play some Munchkin Space Pirates (Star Munchkin + Munchkin Booty) with my kids. Munchkin’s become one of our go-to weekend games and that’s a mashup we haven’t done yet.

Tonight I’m hoping my wife and I can get in a game of Ticket to Ride or Carcassone; it’s been a long week of baseball, softball, and work, and it’d be nice to hangout and not talk about coaching or kids for a while.

If you’re looking to get out and game, check out the International TableTop Day website. It has a map that lists all the games happening around the world today, including North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Africa. It’s pretty impressive that it is an international event in name as well as reality.

If all else fails, you can always go online. Playdek’s Lords of Waterdeep app for iOS is fantastic, and they recently released the Undermountain expansion for it. Sure, it’s not the same as the pen and paper game, but we’re talking last ditch gaming efforts here.

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