Blogworthy: Strange Worlds, Racing to Stay Alive, Ancient Stars, Dyslexia D&D, Camping, The Matrix as a Trans Metaphor

‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Returning To Planet-Of-The-Week Stories & TOS Optimism, Says Alex Kurtzman – Yes, please!

Invisible rogue planets without stars? NASA’s new space telescope could find hundreds of them – Speaking of strange new worlds, NASA is looking for some.

Racing to Stay Alive – When I run, I just run. I don’t give a huge amount of thought about where I’m running, aside from the needs of a particular work out. After the death of Ahmaud Arbery – shot while out for a run by people who made all the wrong assumptions – I’m very cognizant of the fact that many black runners may not have that same freedom. This Runner’s World article by professional runner Marielle Hall talks about her experience as a black woman in the running world and offers her thoughts on the impact of Arbery’s death.

NASA spacecraft sends back images of stars from 4.3 billion miles away – New Horizons is so far away from Earth that we can leverage the parallax effect to better estimate the distance to our stellar neighbors (as well as those in galaxies far, far away).

D&D character sheets for players with dyslexia – A specially-designed character sheet that uses Comic Sans and graphical elements to make Dungeons & Dragons character sheets easier to read for dyslexic individuals.

The 18 New Rules of Camping – With COVID-19 and social distancing being the rule (or at least, strong recommendation) of the land, folks are turning to camping as a way of escaping the tensions of everyday life. This article introduces readers to what camping looks like these days … and how it can be as rustic or pampered as you like.

Saturn’s moon Titan is rapidly migrating away from the planet – Just thought you should know.

What not to do in a bear attack? Push your slower friends down in attempts of saving yourself, says the National Park Service – That strategy only works with dragons.

The Matrix is a ‘trans metaphor’, Lilly Wachowski says – Makes sense. I’ve been thinking about how they could use the movie’s concept of residual self image in the Matrix sequel. It felt like a great opportunity that didn’t get the attention it deserved in the sequels.

Page Speed Tests report – A report by BackLinkTo that talks about the factors that most greatly impact web page loading time, with a particular focus on mobile. I’ve been working on upping Nuketown’s load times; this article helped point me in the right direction.

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A view of Titan, the moon of Saturn. Credit: NASA.


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