Blogworthy: Good News, Toilet Paper Economics, Star Trek Swearing, Wither Betelgeuse?, Tales from the Loop, Good-bye Dirk Pitt

Some Good News with John Krasinski: The star of The Office and Jack Ryan started his own Youtube show dedicated to bringing good news to a world that desperately needs it. Thanks John, this is awesome! What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About the Toilet Paper Shortage: Sure, some people are buying more toilet paper than they … Read more

That’s Not the Dirk Pitt I Know

I looking through the various movie trailers on, and saw one called Sahara. I was slightly intrigued, since Clive Cussler had written a Dirk Pitt novel with the same name. I devoured Cussler’s nautical adventure books as a kid–I read Raise the Titanic when I was in 5th grade, and didn’t stop reading his … Read more