Blogworthy: Believing Virus Myths, NASA Worm, Stargate RPG, Kool Aid Man, Skyrim Mods, Mars Rover, Galactic World Building

Why smart people believe coronavirus myths talks about a phenomenon I’ve seen too many times to count: Otherwise intelligent people retweeting or re-posting questionable content without thinking it through. Case in point: people stating as fact that individuals are getting reinfected with COVID-19. There are certainly cases where people who have had the disease test positive for it afterward, but as this CNN article points out, that could be because the tests are picking up the remnants of the infection.

NASA brings back its iconic “worm” logo to mark return of human spaceflight – The stylized red-on-white letter logo is back. It’s nice to see, but I have to say that as a long-time spaceflight fan, I like the worm just as much as the original “meatball” logo. Now to get a new NASA worm logo cap…

Earth’s a little crazy right now and no one would blame you if you wanted to leave for a bit. The public playtest for the Stargate Role-Playing Game offers a creative way of doing just that. It’s based on the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition ruleset, which I’m guessing means it’s a heck of a lot less crunchy than AEG’s rules-packed version of the game from a decade ago.

Speaking of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, someone statted out the Kool-Aid Man as a monster for the game. ‘Nuff said.

After a month cooped up at home, I took a vacation day and returned to the crisp-blue skies and epic mountains of Skyrim on my PlayStation 4. I did so with greatly enhanced visuals thanks to these two YouTube videos: Skyrim Visuals and Skyrim Best Mods.

Greyhawk Player Options for 5E is Greyhawk Grognard’s take on Greyhawk-specific options for barbarians, clerics, fighters, monks, and much more. It also includes background information about the campaign setting itself.

Perseverance is the name of America’s next Mars rover. The name was announced in March, but it seems even more appropriate the longer the COVID-19 crisis goes on.

Doing research on planet names for my new Star Wars RPG campaign brought me to “Galaxy Building, From Alderaan to Utapau”. Published in 2013 on, this gem of an article looks at the evolution of planet names in the various Star Wars screenplays. It’s a fascinating read, and it makes me want to check out Dark Horse Comics’ The Star Wars, which adapted George Lucas’ 1974 rough draft of the now-iconic A New Hope.

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