Searching for Geek Fitness Blogs

I’m looking for fellow travelers on the road to geek fitness, specifically geeky blogs that talk about fitness or blogs that discuss the intersection of geek culture and getting fit.

These don’t need to be hardcore fitness blogs, or blogs only dedicated those two topics. I’m looking for sites like Nuketown, which cover a variety of topics but occasionally delve into physical fitness.

Why? Geek fitness can be a lonely topic and fitness is more fun when you’ve got other people to work out with and lean on. Traditionally, geek culture didn’t embrace fitness as we’d much rather spend our time slinging dice, drinking Mountain Dew, playing games, and talking about our favorite books and movies. And unfortunately, that tendency was reinforced by the rest of the world, who would mock or shame us if we did go to the gym. I know – I experienced both sides of that.

But as I’ve said before, geek fitness is important. I plan on playing Dungeons & Dragons and other games for a damn long time .. and I’m going to need other geeks to do that. It’s in all of our best interests to get and stay healthy, and I’m doing my bit by blogging about it … and promoting others who do as well.

I should note that “fit” doesn’t mean “thin”. There are plenty of studies out there that show that an overweight person who walks every day can be healthier than a thin person who does nothing but sit on the couch. Weight loss is a part of my fitness quest because of the particular trail I’m on; it doesn’t need to be part of yours.

I’ll freely admit … I haven’t found many sites that fit the bill. There are a few dedicated nerd/geek fitness business sites out there (and I’ve included them) but what I’m looking for is geeks like me struggling to balance fitness with their weekly RPG games.

If you’ve got a blog that talks about geek fitness, please promote it by posting a link in the comments below or emailing me at I’ll add it to the list of blogs on this page.

Blogs that talk about geek fitness

Posts about geek fitness

Dedicated geek fitness sites

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My old Hoka running sneakers (since retired) in front of a few of my favorite board games in the Game Room. Credit: Ken Newquist.

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  1. With Philmont training stuck in the Bog of Eternal Quarantine, I’d join you for a WLC campaign. What other geeks can we rope in?

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